Matrix Integrated Solutions Sdn. Bhd. (Matrix), incorporated in Malaysia in 2004 as a system integrated solutions provider and cable management specialist, Matrix has earned high reputation on pass proven result in installing home security system, CCTV system and access system. the one stop solutions for today's high technology smart application product.

Matrix provides electrical and control system solutions for home and factory automation either in part or as a total turn-key operation. matrix also provides security & CCTV installations, systems and integrated solutions.

Our Objectives
- To ensure customers satisfaction and confidence
- To provide total solutions for our customers.
- To provide quality and reliability products to our valued customers
- To become a one-stop home automation provider to customer


» Access Control

Access control system are designed to permit the free flow of authorized movement into any site whilst denying entry to unwanted visitors. Matrix offers a range of access control systems including Magnetic Card Access or pin codes and proximity readers.

Judicial authorities are relying more and more on CCTV footage as evidence in criminal proceedings. CCTV is used to keep us safe on our streets and on public transport, to observe movement of people and goods in all manner of locations, beside that the products also allow people to visually monitor remote locations anywhere, anytime through phone lines, Internet or wireless network. They extend people's vision beyond territorial boundaries and open up innovative applications especially in the Internet and Mobile World.

Matrix provides leading edge technology in cameras, housing, and recording systems, The latest in digital recording technology offers greatly enhanced picture quality and the ability to search and find particular incident far faster than with video tapes. Matrix can also provide remote CCTV monitoring. Our operators can undertake tasks such as good entrance surveilance, whereby they can monitor deliveries and only allowed authorized personnel to enter.

» Cable Management Product
Matrix cable management products and systems offer a total solution in floor distribution and protection of cables to provide power, data and telecom services.

» Security System
Providing state-of-art security system for all purpose from house to office premises. Its dependability and flexibility allows the user to adapt the systems to your needs. Its user-friendly provides safety, protection and peace of mind.
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